I made a purchase on Fifarasol’s website. When and how would I receive the tracking number?

  • You will receive your tracking number via email once your order is ready. Please take note, our shipping process may take up to 5-7 working days. However, we always try our best to ship out all orders as fast as possible.

I made a purchase on Fifarasol’s website but I have not received my tracking number yet. Why?

  • That means your order is still being processed and not ready to ship yet. You will receive your tracking number once your order is shipped by us.

I received an email saying my order is still unfulfilled. What does this 'Unfulfilled' mean?

  • That means your order is not being shipped yet. You will receive another email containing your tracking number once your order is shipped / fulfilled by us.

I have received tracking number but the tracking number cannot be tracked (i.e. ‘Tracking Not Found’). Why?

  • This issue happens when your order is ready but it has not been picked up by the courier OR the courier did not scan the barcode yet OR the courier did not update the tracking information online yet. You may track your tracking number again on different business day.

If I mistakenly purchased wrong item or size or design, can I return and exchange the item?

  • Yes, you may return and exchange your purchased items for any reasons. Please read our Return & Exchange Policy for more info.

If I would like to return and exchange my item, what is the Return & Exchange Policy?

If I would like to return and exchange my item, how long does it take?

  • Based on our Return & Exchange Policy, we will dispatch your new item immediately once we have received the returned one. Please contact our Customer Care for the return and exchange process. 

I received wrong/defect item in my parcel. What should I do?

  • We apologize for the mistake from our side. Just return the wrong/defect item back to us and you will get the new ones. Please contact our Customer Care  for the return and exchange process. 

I have already made payment for my order but I still receive emails asking for payment. Why?

  • This issue happens when you placed several orders on our website but you made payment only for one order. Because of that, you will receive payment-reminder email from orders that you did not pay. Just ignore the payment reminder email if you have made payment.

I want to change my shipping addess for my order, how could I do it?

  • Once you have paid your order, you cannot change your shipping address anymore. If you really want to change it, you may provide the new shipping address to our Customer Care and she will change it for you.

I put a wrong state in my shipping details and I afraid I will not receive my order because of the wrong state. What should I do?

  • No worries because as long as you put the correct postcode, you will still receive your order. Courier company will refer to the postcode when they deliver items to customers and not state. 

Besides online banking, what are the other payment options available on Fifarasol website?

  • Besides online banking, you may also make payment via debit/credit card, ewallet or installment payment (i.e. Riipay, Mobypay or Atome) on our website.

If I want to come to pickup my order, it is possible?

  • Yes, you may come and pickup your item in our office and do not forget to contact our Customer Care before you come so that we can get your order ready beforehand. Please take note, our operation hours only on weekdays from 9.00am–6.00pm and click here for location.

Are customers allowed to walk-in to Fifarasol?

  • Yes, customers are allowed to walk in to try our collections if they want to. Please take note, our operation hours only on weekdays from 9.00am–6.00pm. You may contact our Customer Care / Sale Admin for confirmation before you come and click here for location.

Where is Fifarasol located?

There are three different cuttings for the casual pant (i.e. Tru Cut, Wiid Cut and Hi-Tru Cut). What is the difference between these cuttings?

  • We have made a picture on website explaining on the cuttings for customers' reference. Please click this product Fifarasol Pant in Ebony Black for example.

I placed my order on website but I missed out my payment because of website issue / online payment issue. How could I continue payment for that order?

  • We recommend our customers to first sign-up and login on our website before making any purchase because if anything happens on website, they can still check or pay their orders in their account. However, if you did not sign up / login on our website and you miss your payment, you may contact our Customer Care as she/he will send a 'Payment Reminder Email' to your email for payment.

I would like to know more about instalment payment (Riipay / ShopBack) and how does it work?

  • What is Riipay / ShopBack? Riipay / ShopBack provides instalment payment plan to customers whereby customer can purchase our items with 3 times payment without any extra charges or interest. 
  • Example? For example, you would like to purchase an item amounting to RM90 on our website. With installment plan, you just need to pay RM30 upfront, another RM30 in the 2nd month and another RM30 in the 3rd month. In total, you are still paying RM90 (without extra charges) within 3 months time.
  • What is their requirement? You just need to have a bank card (i.e. debit card or credit card) for registration. If you register using credit card, you need to make sure your credit card can still be used. If you register using debit card, you need to make sure there is sufficient fund in your account because Riipay / ShopBack provides auto debit payments which means your 2nd and 3rd instalment will be deducted automatically from your bank account on the due date.
  • How could I use Riipay for my order? Shop first and then select Riipay / ShopBack as your payment method during checkout. Once your order is approved, your Riipay / ShopBack account is created.
  • Where I could find more info about Riipay / ShopBack? You can find out more info here /

I used Riipay as my payment method for my order and now I have a few issues. How could I contact Riipay?